Dementia Training for Financial Services – Available now!

The Dementia Elevator team  are delighted to announce that the Dementia Awareness Training for Financial Services is now available.

It is intended that this training will provide staff working in financial institutions with some awareness and skills to better support customers living with a type of dementia. The training is completely free and can be accessed on this website here. 

The programme aims to be interactive and engaging, using filmed scenarios, exercises, an online forum and a quiz. It was developed in close consultation with staff working in the financial services sector, as well as people with dementia. An overview of the content is set out below.

The programme consists of seven modules:

  1. Overview of dementia.
  2. The impact of stigma and diagnosis.
  3. Basic skills and strategies to support a customer with possible dementia.
  4. Good communication techniques.
  5. The question of financial abuse.
  6. Working with relatives/carers.
  7. Dementia friendly physical environments.

Dementia Champions Change Project 2016

Maintaining Relationships between  Grandparents and Grandchildren in Nursing Homes

Beda Cecchetti, St Mary’s Hospital, Dublin

Listen to Beda Cecchetti, a Nurse and Dementia Champion in St Mary’s Hospital Dublin, describe her change project about  making nursing homes more child friendly and maintaining relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. 

Link to transcript


Featured Project – October 2014 – Bridie Bowe

Bridie Bowe

I am a community general nurse for the last twenty years. I work as part of a primary care team. I am particularly interested in the challenges of providing appropriate services/care for clients with early dementia. I see this as the biggest challenge for the future especially with an aging population. It was this interest that led me to complete Dementia Champion course.
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Featured Project – June 2014 – Mary Moylan

Mary Moylan

On completion of the Dementia Champion’s module in 2012; I felt empowered by the knowledge and experience I gained from participating in this course.

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Featured Project – May 2014 – John Coleman


John Coleman, Public Health Nurse, Dalkey, Co Dublin

As a Public Health Nurse I strongly advocate for people with dementia. I have spoken to local publicans and Garda and other community service providers in the area on the issue of dementia.  I have offered hours of support to families to assist them in implementing a support structure of care that is individualised to suits the person needs. My work with ‘Living well with Dementia’ Genio Project in Stillorgan/ Blackrock has further enhanced my understanding of dementia and my role as a Dementia Nurse Champion.

My change project with the Dementia Champions course in DCU was on the Importance of Friendship for People with Dementia.

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Featured Project – January 2014 – Joyce Jones

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 14.52.01

I am a Senior Occupational Therapist, Care of the Elderly, in St Columcille’s Hospital, Loughlinstown, Co Dublin.

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