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Dementia Elevator Innovation Award Ceremony 2015

A wonderful afternoon of networking, innovation and inspiration was had at the Dementia Elevator Innovation Award Ceremony on the 2nd of December in the Helix. It was an All Ireland event with attendees and shortlisted projects present from both sides of the border. We were delighted to have last years winners ‘The Kildare Past Times […]

Dementia Elevator Innovation Award 2015 – Shortlist

Check out the diverse range of innovative projects that have made the Dementia Elevator Innovation Award 2015 Shortlist! Dementia Elevator Innovation Award Shortlist 2015 Why not join us at the award ceremony on the 2nd of December 2015 in the Helix, DCU? This event will be a great networking opportunity for those interested in/working in, dementia […]

Dementia Coping Skills for Families and Carers

This free, online training programme aimed at families and carers of people with dementia is now available! Access the programme here: http://elevator-carers-coping-skills.com/ A description of the course is outlined below. Description of the Dementia Coping Skills for Carers Programme The Dementia Elevator Coping Skills for Families and Carers was developed to support and educate families and carers, […]

Development of New National Dementia Office Repository

The National Dementia Strategy Office (NDO) which was established as part of the National Dementia Strategy Implementation plan, is currently exploring ways to share/promote exemplars of best practice in Dementia care. In order to facilitate this, the NDO propose to develop a repository of examples of quality/practice/service developments that are currently happening across the country in public, […]

S​urvey​ on Everyday Memory – Volunteers Needed!

Many people complain about their memory, especially as they get older. There are many possible reasons for forgetting, and memory mistakes do not automatically mean a memory disorder. If we know more about how often healthy people forget, the types of things they forget, and the factors that influence forgetting, GPs and other health professionals […]

New DCU Module: Therapeutic Responses to People With Dementia

DCU are offering a new training module: Therapeutic Responses to People with Dementia. This module is suitable for those who have completed the DCU Dementia Champions programme. Practitioners are enabled to evaluate different approaches to responding to dementia and to apply psycho-social interventions that promote the well-being of people with dementia and their carers, including: […]

Elevator Innovation in Dementia Award 2015

Elevator Innovation in Dementia Award 2015: The Elevator team are pleased to invite applications for the second Innovation in Dementia Award! This award will be presented to a project that plays a role in improving the quality of life of people with dementia, their caregivers, loved ones, and/or health professionals working in dementia care. Applicants […]